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Our Story

 Our Products Are 100% Made From Scratch

We use the finest ingredients, from our selection of eggs and dairy, down to our choice of high quality flours, and premium chocolates, dried fruits and nuts. Always made fresh to order with NO Preservatives. Come fall in love with truly enjoyable treats! You KNOW you want ’em!

A Little About Us

Sweet Shack was born out of the  passion for baking and a commitment to making excellent products. And that's  just the beginning


We're an artisan bakery that specializes in scratch made, fresh baked products. 


All of our ingredients are hand selected to ensure freshness and a superior product. No preservatives. No pre-packaged baking mixes or frozen products.


We like it that way and we know you will to.  

When it comes to your event, make it
perfectly delicious with fresh baked treats.

Made to order, any company, any event, any size, any occasion.


We are here to help make it a success!


Sweet Shack

Giving Back. One Ingredient At A Time

Just as we are passionate about what we do. We are also committed to making an impact and giving back to the community around us. That’s why a portion of our profits are donated to local charities. This initiative is important to us.

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